Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dear Eaters...

The other day I received a call from a friend who had invited us for dinner asking if we prefer chicken or fish.  After refusing my response of "whatever you wish to serve", she insisted that, in taking the time to ask, I should understand why it is so important for her to know.  She wanted to avoid any awkward moments at the table and to ensure that our meal together was enjoyable enough that we would look forward to coming again.

I feel the same way.  Here at The Perfect Avocado, it is important to me that each of you sit down for a good read and to enjoy every bite on the plate.  While it is easy to accommodate two people for dinner with a choice of chicken or fish, I know that I can't please everyone's taste for operating systems, displays, devices and browsers.  I try to keep my blog basic so everyone can eat.

Today I am excited to roll out the redesign for The Perfect Avocado and, while I didn't take the time to ask you prior to now, I do depend on all of you to provide feedback.  Please help me make you feel at home around the table; let me know if something is funky, wonky, broken or ugly on your side (especially the mac people because iDon't have iAnything to test it on).

I want to thank you all, again, for your messages while I was away and hope you all agree that the wait was worth it.  Welcome back to The Perfect Avocado with a brand new look (but the same great taste).  By the way, I chose the chicken.

Dobar tek!


Rebecca said...

I knew you'd choose the chicken!

I like the new look :)

nathan said...

everything looks good on my end so far.. i'll be sure to keep an eye out for you :)

(on mac by the way)

Unknown said...

bottle of red from there (refer to picture) please.
Looking good and with no hiccups so far btw.

pollysplayground said...

thank yous! and yes, *sigh* i'm so ashamed to live on an island and not be a fan of seafood... i'm trying (i guess not hard enough if i chose the chicken though... oops!)

Rebecca said...

Better to keep the seafood taste tests at home and not when you are out - would be no fun to starve at a dinner party if you don't like the fish!

Ellen Kinsel said...

Love the new look!

I still can't figure out how the love of seafood is not genetic.

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